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At Skinnystudiox, we understand the importance of privacy when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. Our private, state-of-the-art studio offers exclusive access to over 70 of the most highly-skilled and certified trainers in New York City. With no crowded gym floors or dirty equipment, you can focus solely on your workout in a clean and safe environment. Our certified trainers ensure that each session is tailored to your individual needs, providing you with the privacy and attention you deserve. Upgrade your fitness routine and achieve your goals with Skinnystudiox – the ultimate destination for private training!

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Let’s find a time to talk and schedule your free consultation. We’ll figure out a plan and set you up with the best trainer for your fitness goals.


Skinnystudiox has been an amazing experience. I’ve never used a personal trainer before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However Nate made me feel so comfortable right away. I was able to explain my goals and why I’m looking to start my fitness journey. He paired me with the perfect trainer, Rich. We got along great from the first session and the rest is history. I’ve learned so much about weights and nutrition. Rich pushes me to dig deeper when I feel like giving up. He’s super motivating and he really wants me to reach my goals and I trust that he’s on my side right there with me. The flatiron studio is perfectly located and you have access to play your own music in a personal space just you and your trainer. I highly recommend Studio 16. If you’re on the fence about it, this is the message telling you to sign up. It’s worth it!!!

— Sanger (Flatiron)

I have been training at skinnystudiox Flatiron for a little over 2 months and have been so happy with my experience. Nate is a pleasure to communicate with and he did an excellent job pairing me with my trainer, Helena. She is fantastically knowledgeable and I look forward to every session. I have done personal training at other studios before but the fact that you have the entire space to yourself is such a game changer. Personal training is not cheap but I’m already seeing a difference in my performance and starting to feel more confident in my skin. So for me, training at skinnystudiox with Helena has been worth every penny!

— Jackie (Flatiron)

“I’ve never had a trainer. Frankly, going to the gym has always intimidated me. But from the first consultation call, which was the very next day after I had requested information via the website, I knew it would be a great experience. Nate immediately understood my goals and communication style, and he asked specific questions about my history with working out and what I was looking for in a trainer. I started with my trainer Nick a few days, whose energy and personality has been so motivating especially considering how much of a beginner I am. I’m wiped out by the end of the training sessions, but I feel a sense of accomplishment when I leave the studio. The facilities (I’m at the Hell’s Kitchen location) are clean and well-maintained, and as someone who is very self-conscious especially when working out, I love that it’s truly private. I’m currently in the middle of my sessions, and I already feel a difference in my strength and stamina. I’m also sleeping better (I’m the worst sleeper) and waking up with more energy. Skinnystudiox has turned something I dread into something I’m excited about!”

— John B (Hells Kitchen)

“My experience with Skinnystudiox has been truly remarkable. I received a call back from Nate the very next day after making the request online. He asked about my goals and promised to get me there by pairing me with the right trainer. From beginning to end everything was setup in 2 days and I started with my trainer, Jonathan, a couple of days after signing up. My trainer Jonathan is truly a great trainer. He’s Knowledgeable, motivating & informative. Since the very first workout/assessment he asked about my goals and discussed, in detail, with me what I had to do achieve them and promised to get me there if I was willing to do the work. The workouts are focused, challenging and effective. Not to mention the one on one studio experience. I think it really contributes to focusing on the work. In conclusion, I highly recommend Skinnystudiox”

— Ingrid (Hells Kitchen)